Abandoning the mirage

Once upon a time, a nomad had to travel across an arid and barren desert. The walk was so horrid and humid. He looked for a camel to make his trip easier. But luck didn't favor the nomad; nor was he brave enough. The water he had in his pack, got used in a couple of days and his throat dried like a parched leave. Slowly his hardships mounted to a level, unbearable and unimaginable, beyond his endurance. And he gradually became delirious of the heat waves under the sun and the extreme cold waves under the moon and the stars.

And he soon realized that this adventure is gonna claim his life, ultimately. Not that he was afraid of the end result, but he was worried that his life had no meaning at all, until that point. So he started lamenting the futility of his life and made a secret desire in his heart to add significance and magnificence to his worn out life.

As he scanned the perimeter of his vision, lost in the wilderness of somewhere unknown to his navigational skills, he sensed a …

I am on a roll, babe!

"First of all, let me congratulate myself!"
"Any particular reason?" 
"This is my 100th post in this blog, dude!!   Isn't that amazing? "
"WOW! How many years did you take to write these?"
"Well.. Technically speaking, it should be 11 years atleast.."
"What? That long? So on an average, its like 10 posts a year.. and less than a post per month.. still a great job, man.. You have kept it sustainable this long!!"
"Yes..what started as an experiment with a night out, 11 years back, now stands in front of your eyes with a century"  "On searching back the archives, I found out that I had written 60 posts in 2007 and also remember quitting it back then owing to my final year exams. But I could never leave this place, that easily.  This is my baby, I proudly introduce to my like minded people.  This is my solace, I vehemently vent to, in my desperate times.  This is my glorious past, I turn back to, when in need of a self bo…

Happiness and Morality

What is Happiness?

A chance? or  A choice?

If happiness is really a choice, why can't we choose  it over morality?
If happiness is really a chance, why should we  be morally right?


God created human beings, they claim. We found our differences between us and classified us on the basis of different taxonomies.

Men and women, young and old, beautiful and ugly, Strong and weak, rich and poor, high-born and low-born. The list went on as we studied ourselves in detail. As the various evolution and revolution took place, we understood our mental capabilities and psychological reasonings. This gave way to a new way of classifying people - Introverts and Extroverts;

For a long time, in my life, I found myself fitting in the shoes of an introvert, quite comfortably. In a way, I found the reason why I behaved like this and trust me, it was more like a self-discovery. And discovering the reasoning and the mechanism for your behaviour can be one of the silent but a rewarding moment in one's life.

Then after 30 years of life, I heard this word -Ambivert. And I could relate to that more than I could do for an introvert. So I shifted my loyalty from an introvert to an ambiver…

Men Without Women

Lately, I have become a bibliophile, without knowing the meaning of it in the first place. This year had to be my most productive year of reading throughout my existence, so far. I still remember the day, it started mid year in june. I had taken a book purchased almost eight years back (half-read), for reading on the roads. The title was “Love will follow - Why the Indian marriage is burning”. Yes, the title was catchy and I was a bachelor back then and I wanted to do a research on the same; So I bought and read and thought I understood. But what book can teach you better than a wife! So here I am five years into marriage and wobbling on the tight rope with a stick on my hand for balancing through.

When you are lonely, books play the best supporting role. That’s how I ended up with a pile of books in the past 5 months or so. The count could rise to 30+. Yes and the book completion rate is an overwhelming above 70%!! Yes, even my eyes cant believe what I’ve typed in! Another book that c…


ASURA - Tale of the Vanquished By Anand Neelakandan

“Every tale has two sides”, they say. One of the victor’s and the other of the vanquished; That is, if someone survives from the vanquished group to convey their version of the story to the future generations.
If the loser camp is decimated completely (which usually is the case), then the story becomes simple, for there is only one version available for storytelling.
This applies to every possible story in the world, be it the LTTE war for eelam or the numerous wars waged by the USA against Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, etc. These are of recent times. Lets roll back the time machine to millennia and aeons back.
The author has picked up RAMAYANA - one of the two defining legendary mythological epics of India; the other one being Mahabharata. And he brilliantly chooses Ravana as one of the main protagonists. Its indeed refreshing and breathtaking to hear the same story unravel through Ravana’s eyes and more importantly through Bhadra’s…

The Journey of Love

A movie with no hope in the beginning turns out to be the trigger for this post or write-up or article (depending upon where I tend to publish this). The name is Pyaar prema kadhal (meaning love in all the languages); Like an elixir churned out from the magical pot, love never ceases to amaze us, even after turning out to be the concept of at least a hundred thousand movies, worldwide.

So how did love survive through various periods, from the stone age through the king’s rule and the renaissance era to the modern world, we now inhabit-ate? How did we discover its sheer magic or invent its vast potential? What were the sacrifices we had to pay to alter its course through the carved out path, which we later named as culture? What made us to classify the people which are the roots of the evil of our present system?(Rich-poor, caste, Religion, Region, Race, Nation, even Gender!)
The law of the majority - isn't it a curse?

Now lets take a detour of an imaginary world, thousands of years back…